Ardbeg Ten

When I recently took a trip to Germany, I figured that it would be a terrible waste not too pick something up at the duty-free on the way home. Since Ardbeg in general is very expensive in Canada, I decided to journey into Ardbeg with my (roughly) 1L liquor import allowance. The Ardbeg Ten was really cheap at €46 for 1L compared to $100CAD for 75cl here. It was nice to have a whole litre to get to know this dram. Ardbeg is so different from Laphroaig that it seems a shame to force a head-to-head comparison. All in all, the Ardbeg Ten made me really love this distillery, and I thank the good folks at Glenmorangie for un-mothballing the old Ardbeg and getting her going again. The notes didn’t change much, with or without water, but a couple drops makes it more accessible.

Nose: Peat, smoke, peppery spices. Briny, salty, and a little bit of campfire. A sweetness I can’t pin-point.

Palate: Oily, Smoke, peat, with slighty sweet creamy vanilla, and peppery spices all over the palate.

Finish: Long, dense, sweet and smoky finish.

Grade: B+

A really complete peat & smoke dram. At a Laphroaig QC price, or even the Laphroaig 10 price, it’s a definite buy. Sadly, the Ardbeg Ten, in Ontario, is not enough for the price they’re charging now, when you can get great drams like the Laphroaig QC for $30 less.

Much of me wishes I hadn’t shared this one so freely so that I still had some left, but when you have a liter, it always seems like there is so much to share.


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