Review Stub: Glenmorangie “The Original”

This review is a short stub from a bar tasting last week.

I was out as part of a work-related social event where I had the pleasure of adding another whisky experience to my belt. They had the Glenmorangie Original on the shelf, and after being so smitten with the Ben Nevis 17, I thought I’d try another Highland.

Nose: Candy sweetness with hints of oranges and smoke.

Palate: That typical “bar alcohol” taste up front. Sweet, woody, fair amount of spices and honey.

Finish: Sweet, medium, with tail ends of smoke.

Grade: C+

Not a terribly complex whisky, but a good one to try a glass of at a bar. I could have done much worse, of course! It’s good to try benchmarks like this so that you really appreciate the complexities of better whisky. The Ben Nevis is all the more wonderful now that I have tried this one.

The question this, (and recent Lagavulin 16… but that’s another review) and other 40-43% ABV raise in me is, “What is it about low ABV Scotch that gives it that alcohol-y tinge?”. Bruisers like the Ardbeg Uigeadail or the Aberlour a’Bunadh are as smooth as velvet compared to whiskies like The Original, so what makes them that way? Is it that they lack complexities that disguise or morph it?

I’ll say quite bluntly that it was the alcohol tinge that landed this Glenmorangie a grade lower than the smoother Glenfiddich 12.


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