Clynelish 14

It’s nice to get back to reviewing some drams that I’ve really loved.

Clynelish 14–now this is a great affordable dram! A respectable 46% ABV, (but probably caramel-added,) it’s rich, oily, with a great mouth-feel. It makes me sad just remembering that the bottle is empty! While about $80 in Ontario (recently discontinued), it runs about $50 in the US, on par with the Highland Park 12. A great cabinet standard that I’d take over the HP 12 as my resident highland (and I love me some HP 12).

Nose: Butter rum, berries, and a very light smokiness. A deliciously well-blended nose that works well as a ‘bouquet’. It’s hard to really separate much out, but it works together in it’s own way.

Palate: Big, sweet burst of cotton candy (I think I’m alone on this part), cool salty anesthetic feel. Fruity, with sherry notes. Peat and smoke on the end. Wonderfully chewy.

Finish: Medium-long, warming, with sweet toffee notes.

Grade: B

While somewhat expensive in Canada (for what you’re getting), I’ll say that the Clynelish 14 is definitely one of the best bang-for-your-buck whiskies in the US.


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