Talisker 10

Talisker 10 gets a lot of praise across the board as a great daily dram malt, but sadly to say, I haven’t had that same experience.

These notes are relative to a re-tasting with a 20cl bottle that I had bought just recently. I had a full 70cl bottle that a friend gave me as a present, and since it stood in a rather lonely cabinet with only the Ardbeg Ten by it’s side, it received relatively weak reviews. Hence, my desire to give it that second shot.

Nose: Pepper, coastal saltyness. Leather. Slightly peaty with a little lemon.

Palate: Medium oily. Peppery and leathery (holy wow is it leathery!). Quite spiritus. Not as off-putting as the Glenmorangie Original, and doesn’t taste too much like bad bar alcohol, but it’s rough.

Finish: Medium long, dry, peaty with some jam notes.

Grade: B-

Maybe–like Lagavulin 16–Talisker 10 was a beast in it’s earlier days, but now it’s a little too edgy for me. Still a great bang-for-your-buck Scotch in many markets, but as you’ll find, the Laphroaig QC is $5-$20 cheaper, and it really needs binoculars to see the Talisker from so high up on its pedistal.

(Note to Talisker: raise the ABV 0.02% and skip the chill-filtration!)


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