An Unintended Experiment

To celebrate the winning of a much-sought-after award, I poured myself a dram of my 19yr Mortlach (Signatory, UCC). After a quick sip, I add a splash of water, and let it sit for 10 minutes in my Glencairn with the ginger jar top on. But then the wife gets home (quite late) and we get to talking. The dram sits 20 minutes. We lay on the couch, recounting the day, and I almost forget about it. The dram sits an hour. I then sit down with it, and upon first nosing, it’s sweet. Not the savoury baked good I had expected, nor the olive oil. Instead, it’s a beautiful caramel-coated cookie, with some salty, coastal notes. Strange, but only in that it’s unexpected. I assure you it’s delightful. Then I take a sip. It’s sweet.Very sweet. Almost like a Fig Newton. Also an undertone of peat. I don’t know where this came from, or who switched my Mortlach with a scotch soaked cookie, but thanks! While I do enjoy the savoury bouquet and spread that I normally get from this Mortlach, today’s dram was a welcomed dessert dram.

I’m still wondering what caused this major fluctuation in nose and palate. I guess we’ll have to see what the next dram is like, some days down the road.

Update: Never came across this nose and palate again with this dram. Quite a head-scratcher.


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