Review Stub: The Macallan 12yo Traditional

At a local pub (with a fairly comprehensive selection of basic single malts,) last night after work, I managed to try the Macallan 12yo Traditional. The traditional line has removed that initial dislike of Macallan I had picked up after tasting the Fine Oak 10yo.

Nose: Baking. Cookies, probably, but something spicy like gingerbread cookies. Hella waxy, too, but in a good way. It has this end note that smells like watercolours—that is, the paints as they sit, hardened in the tray. It’s not bad, it’s just rather shocking to have a scent you may remember so distinctly from your childhood come back at you in this way.

Palate: Creamy, waxy, burnt sugar, oak and honey. Sherry, of course. This one is quite sweet, and I like it. Much of what Glenfarclas 15 was, but not as rough.

Finish: Much of that burnt sugar, oak and sweetness lingers.

Grade: B

An excellent entry-level showing from Macallan. At $65 a bottle or under, this would be a real cracker. It’s $95 in these parts, however, so I’ll probably pass on it. In my search for a nice medium-sweet, rich, waxy dram that began a couple months ago, this one was a step up from the Glenfarclas 15. I’ll say that after trying a few, the one that really satisfies my craving for that profile at the moment is the Glenfiddich 15 Distillery Edition. A deliciously rich and waxy auburn-coloured dram with some heft to it. Review coming soon.


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