The Uisge Beatha: Laphroaig Cairdeas Origin (2012)

Seven years in Quarter Casks, they said. 50/50 with 13-21yo Laphroaig, they said. Sold, said I.

 Nose: Subtle peat. Walk-in humidor. Bready, tar and iodine with a sweetness akin to Bazooka Joe bubblegum. Some spearmint, and this great whiff of “the outdoors”. When I say that, I mean camping-in-back-woods-Canada-outdoors. Nutella, too.

Palate: Thick, patented Laphroaig rubber, earth and dill pickles, but plenty of BBQ and tobacco. Some noticeable milk chocolate, as well. Astonishingly smooth at 51.2% ABV—almost dangerously so.

Finish: Patented-laphroaig drying brine, sea salt, but with some fresh herbal notes (something akin to parsley). Long finish, not as bold as the QC, but a tad more elegant.

Grade: A-

This one is amazing in so many ways. If the palate and finish were as good as the nose, this would be an A, but the balance of the finish is just a notch weaker than the nose and the palate. The nose—oh my word—is the cleanest, clearest yet most complex nose I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying. After many “good, but not great” drams over the last half-year or so, this was a real welcomed change. Laphroaig, thank you.


One comment on “The Uisge Beatha: Laphroaig Cairdeas Origin (2012)

  1. יורי says:

    This is so true – I love that one, and prefer it to much more expensive expressions!
    I really need to get a case, but the shop mI wanted to buy from lost it’s liquor license – I am waiting for them to resolve this…
    Absolutely superb!

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