With Apologies to Glenfarclas: Glenfarclas 15yo, Revisted

Glenfarclas 15yo is a reason (if not the reason,) to take data seriously. Having read so many glowing reviews of the Glenfarclas 15, I tried it in a bar in hopes of being won-over, as so many others had been before me. Instead, it came across as a spectacular nose, but a let-down everywhere else. A B-, really.

A bar tasting isn’t always enough, though. Given the chance to buy a bottle on the (somewhat) cheap in Montreal, I took it, and haven’t regretted it.

Nose: The old review carries. Cookies. Butterscotch, cinnamon, orange peel and cherry. A real basket of great, sweet flavours. Smooth. Smells older than 15.

Palate: Sherry, chocolate and butterscotch. Rich, like a fresh cookie. Nowhere near as spiritous as the first time I tried it.

Finish: Sweetness, sherry, chocolate and some light smoke  and tobacco on the finish. A real rich dram.

Grade: B+

A really strong showing from this dram when you own a whole bottle. The maturity makes up for the 46% ABV (nothing to sneeze at, but weaker compared to the ‘105’) and makes it just as flavourful as the 10 year ‘105’, but without all the prickly boom of 60% ABV.


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