An evening at Allen’s

A couple friends and I stopped by a local pub recently that is well known in Toronto for its Scotch collection. We decided on a collection of four of the cheapest, most obscure drams, and each passed them around. Here are some quick notes from that evening:

Tomintoul 10 (OB): Bland. Just… bland. C.

Glendower 15 Port Cask: Superb. Fresh honeycomb and nutmeg. Thick and wonderful. They had this as a single malt, though research tells me it’s a blend. In any case, I was fooled, and did enjoy it immensely. Shows you what a blind tasting can do. B+.

1989 Glen Grant 12yo (Cadenhead, I think): Herbacious. Kind of sweet and slightly sour. B.

1976 Imperial 24yo (Signatory): Bready… That hint of yeast and honey. Viscous and clearly well aged. B+.

Happy Victoria Day weekend, friends!







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