Upcoming Reviews

October wasn’t a slow month, but it was a silent one. Work has taken much of my time lately, and while I’ve been partaking of some good malts, I haven’t had that right time or space to sit down and spend 30 minutes carfeully tasting a new whisky and writing up a review. Rest assured, though, that reviews of some rather stellar malts are on the horizon. My groomsman and I spent a night in August going through a Bunnahabhain double-barrel tasting, comparing the 12yo and 18yo OBs, so the review of the 18yo is forthcoming. I also picked up Chivas’s “1993 Longmorn 18yo cask strength” while across the pond, and I’ve been working my way towards a review of that. We also have a “Tempest Tasting” coming up in the new year (likely) when we can get the Scotch Lads back together. We’ve got a flight of Tempest II-IV for that day.

Lastly, I did pick up a Cadenhead’s Sherry Cask 25yo Mortlach while in Edinburgh, and while I don’t know when that bottle will be opened, I had tasted the whisky @ Cadenhead’s prior to purchase, and I guarentee you that the review of that whisky promises to be epic.


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