Glendronach 15 ‘Revival’

Music: In-Flight Safety, “Silent Treatment”

Sometimes so few words says it best, so I will be brief, here. Of the middle-aged range sherry monsters (and perhaps the cask-strengths, too), Glendronach’s revival wins.

Nose: Sherry and oak. No alcohol, just flavour. It’s very soft, but also extremely complex. Espresso, berries and chocolate cherries. Mint and vanilla. A touch of classy match-stick sulphur.

Palate: Viscous and rich. Fudge, sweetness, and cookies. Sherry tang.

Finish: Long, chocolatey sweetness, espresso and berries.

Grade: A-

It’s a refreshing to come across a standard range bottling that is so magnificent, for so cheap (relatively speaking). Craftsmanship, plain and simple.

Note: I’ve also tried the old bottling, pre-Revival, and it is so awful that I can’t believe they come from the same distillery.

“Cause all these years have made you a soldier, you’re carrying the weight of two worlds on your shoulders.”

Original Gangsta: GlenDronach 12 ‘The Original’

Music: The Gentlemen’s Club, “The Servant”

In anticipation of an occasion that would permit me to open my GlenDronach 15 ‘Revival’, I’ve given the 12yo Original a try because a) it’s had good reviews (save for at ATW), b) it’s cheap in Ontario, and c) I needed a 43%-er in my collection to sit between all the cask-strengths I own. Sometimes you don’t want to knock your socks off. To top it all off, I’ve saved the last 2/3 of the bottle for a scotch and cigar night with a colleague. It will most definitely be perfect for that.

Nose: Sherried like all hell, but the sherry balances some rather strong cereals. I really like this part, though ATW doesn’t. I love a good cereals whisky, and this gives the GlenDronach a second dominant note. Noticeable cola and a bit of barbecue sauce. Some chocolate cherries a la the Glenfarclas ‘105’. Despite being at 43%, this is really rich, even more so than its 46% ABV brethren, the Glenmorangie 12yo ‘Lasanta’. Raisins and Evergreen. Occasionally some faint eggy notes, but nothing to get all huffy about.

Palate: Medium viscosity. Sweet sherry up front. Fruity, if not truly discernable. Cola, baby (so happy that came through). A sweet-yet-sour citrus… maybe grapefruit? It then goes very much into a peppery rye flavour. Ends with dark chocolate.

Finish: Drying, chocolate, maraschino cherry.

Grade: B-

A great bang-for-the-buck whisky that’s interesting and powerful at 43%. Perhaps the best whisky in the under $60 range. It has me excited about the Revival, that’s for sure.

“Put your trust in me—I’ll do the same.”