West, and back again: Bruichladdich ‘The Laddie Ten’

For my travels out west (Calgary), the spoils come in the form of new Scotch. I purchased two bottles of Bruichladdich 10 yr on the hype from fellow bloggers, and the fact that they don’t sell it here in Ontario. Let’s just say I’m glad I did.

Nose: A little young without water, so I took this with 1 teaspoon. Well worth it. Immediate sweet, creamy speyside butterscotchy notes, side-by-side with the lowlander (Auchentoshan) fresh cereal notes. Unpeated, yes, but it seems to be missing all the Islay characteristics… But, let’s let this glass sit for about 15 minutes…

…And, there we go. Wow. A nose full of leather, brine, and a real coastal saltiness (like crushed rock salt). It’s like we’re on the Isle of Skye, nosing a particularly mature Talisker. Hints of licorice. Speyside notes now play backup, with some vegetal notes in there. It also seems like there might be peat, but then again, maybe not. It feels like there is a slight smoky overtone. When the glass is almost empty, we get some of those Auchentoshan Valinch baked notes, with cinnamon hearts. A complex nose, to be sure.

Palate: Incredibly viscous. Thick, like you’d expect from an Islay. Deliciously bittersweet, a sort of salted fudge with butterscotch. Some of those speyside notes come through. Warming, leathery, and everything I wish the Talisker 10 was, and more. Alittle of that Mortlach olive-oil.

Finish: Medium-long, but long without water. Mouth-watering. Increasingly warming. Leathery Talisker notes. Salted fudge once again. A little bit of aniseed.

Grade: B+

Bruichladdich has hit another home-run with the Laddie Ten. This cosmopolitan whisky makes me feel as if, along side their Port Charlotte, you could just about journey all the regions of Scotland, without ever leaving Bruichladdich. Of course, I’m terribly oversimplifying,¬† but this whisky makes you feel as if you could. Bruichladdich has managed a whisky that noses (coarsely) of Glenlivet, Talisker, Laphroaig (for the licorice and brine) and Auchentoshan, while tasting of Highland Park, Auchentoshan, Mortlach and Talisker. With so many experiences in one glass, the Laddie Ten surpasses even my over-hyped expectations (courtesy of Whiskybitch and Ralfy @ralfy.com).

Currently, this whisky is $60 in Calgary (where I purchased two bottles!). So, as an added bonus, it’s also a superior bang-for-your-buck whisky. I wager if they bring it to Ontario, we’ll probably see it at around $75, but that would still be worth it.